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Hyperledger Fabric and Indy: Joining Systems for Secure Decentralized Identity

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Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, and Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director of Blockchain Product Management at Oracle, join the Indicio Meetup to discuss how Hyperledger Fabric and Indy can work together to support verifiable digital credentials. Lots of interest in this topic, so don’t miss this opportunity to ask your interoperability questions at this interactive event.

Brain Trust: Identity and Digital Safety in a Decentralized World

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Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, speaks on a panel at Constellation’s Connected Enterprise to share her thoughts on new decentralized models, Web 3.0, and mass personalization at scale, and how these technological advances require a new approach to digital identity that protects and empowers the end user. 

Identity Insights – Holdr+

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In this episode of Identity Insights we are joined by James Ebert, Senior Mobile Software Engineer at Indicio and the lead on our Holdr+ project, for a demonstration of Indicio’s latest product: Holdr+. James provides insights on some different use cases for Holdr+ and what sets it apart from other digital wallets in this quick introductory video.

Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, Named a Finalist in the Ecosystem Leadership Category of the Blockchain Leadership Awards

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The Web3 & Blockchain Transformation Awards (W3B Awards) “recognize the exceptional leaders, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and service providers driving global blockchain transformation… [who have] made a measurable difference within their ecosystems and across industries.” Learn why Heather Dahl was named a finalist for Indicio’s work I with SITA and the Government of Aruba in this article.

From Home to Airport to Hotel and Back Again: Indicio’s Route to Seamless Travel

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Yuri Feliciano, VP of business development at Indicio, and former Innovation Advisor for the Government of Aruba, explains the implications of a  Digital Travel Credential (DTC)-based travel credential and how it can create a single check in experience for an entire trip. He also explains the technology behind the DTC and how it was developed by Indicio, SITA and the government of Aruba.

Identity Insights – Hyperledger Global Forum 2022

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In this episode we speak with Helen Garneau, Chief Marketing Officer of Indicio and Co-Chair of the Hyperledger Foundation Marketing committee, about the recent Hyperledger Global Forum, her experiences at the conference, and why you might want to attend the next event.

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