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Holdr+ for Proven™: New Indicio Mobile App Makes it Easy to Share Verifiable Digital Credentials

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This week, Indicio announced an important new product in the Proven product line: Holdr+. As Ken Ebert, CTO of Indicio, explains: Holdr+is “a mobile way to connect with and coordinate credentials from different systems that were otherwise unusable outside those systems. With Holdr+, they now have that flexibility. We’re focused on Aries-based credentials right now, given that they are the most widely used, but we aim to make Holdr+ a way to use all credentials-either directly or through development contributions from the open source community.”

Authenticate 2022

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Indicio is taking part in Authenticate 2022, an event dedicated to educating attendees on the business drivers, technical considerations, and overall best practices for deploying modern authentication systems. Look for Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, at the conference and in the virtual presentation “A Masterclass in Decentralized Identity Networks, Verifiable Credentials, and Zero Trust ID Orchestration.”

How to Prove Anything—A New White Paper from Indicio

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The Indicio white paper is a comprehensive look at Indicio’s open source-approach and solution to scaling decentralized identity, Proven. It also covers how Indicio’s customers are using the technology behind Proven to solve a wide range of problems and build new products and services. 

Decentralization and the Future of Enterprise Security

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Verifiable credentials make trust in identity and data portable. This article by Dr Chase Cunningham explores how they do this, why the current systems have been rendered obsolete, and how your organization can implement decentralized identity to shore up the weaknesses in your security stack.

All Aboard a New Era of Travel with the Digital Travel Credential

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Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, weighs in on how decentralized identity in the form of verifiable credentials supporting the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Digital Travel (DTC) specification will improve the passenger experience at every step of the travel process, creating new opportunities for airlines, airports, and the hospitality and tourism sectors. She shares how DTC verifiable credentials are a simple way to mitigate fraud, comply with data privacy regulations, and integrate with government, airline, and partner travel applications without direct database integrations.

Identity Insights – Hyperledger Global Forum 2022

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In this episode we speak with Helen Garneau, Chief Marketing Officer of Indicio and Co-Chair of the Hyperledger Foundation Marketing committee, about the recent Hyperledger Global Forum, her experiences at the conference, and why you might want to attend the next event.

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