New Event- NFTs and DIDs: Use cases, utilities, and best practices

NFTs—Non-Fungible Tokens—have surged in interest and trading volume as they power an excited market for digital art. But beyond the headlines, the hype, and the scorn, what does this technology actually do? What does it do well? And when should Decentralized Identifiers be used instead? Join us March 21 for an in depth discussion with Daniel Buchner, Head of Decentralized Identity at Block and Kristina Podnar, Digital Policy Advisor, NativeTrust Consulting, LLC.

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Indicio Celebrates International Women’s Day

“Indicio is a women owned business founded to #breakthebias in technology. It has been the honor of a lifetime working each day with the accomplished and talented women of Indicio. Together we are committed to advancing women’s leadership in verifiable credentials, decentralized identity, and self sovereign identity.” – Heather Dahl, CEO

Introducing Indicio’s Associateship Program: A starting point for the next generation of identity professionals

We are committed to finding and cultivating the next generation of technical and business professionals in the field of decentralized identity through the Indicio associates program. Associates work side-by-side with experienced staff on all our key projects and learn by doing. Want to know what it’s like to be a part of this exciting team? Read more about this program and hear from the current and past associates in our latest blog.

Privatyze collaborates with Indicio to build a decentralized data marketplace

Indicio and Privatyze announced a collaboration to help guide the Privatyze team as they develop a robust, decentralized data marketplace using the Indicio Network. Privatyze is a forward-thinking startup focused on privacy-respecting data monetization solutions. Read more about this exciting collaboration.

Invitation: Cardea Interopathon- March 17th 

The next Cardea Interopathon is next week! With over a dozen organizations signed up from across the Hyperledger Aries community, this is not going to be an event to miss. If you are still working on the finishing touches of your project or have any questions in advance, office hours are being offered on the Cardea website to ensure you’re ready to go. Find out more information and register for the event before the deadline. (March 15)

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.