Cardea Interopathon II : March 17

After its first successful Interop-a-thon, Cardea is back with new features to implement and test against! The first is a new out-of-band invitation protocol—a change coming to Hyperledger Aries on March 31. This is a great opportunity for anyone using Hyperledger Aries to get ahead of the change and ensure interoperability. You don’t have to be involved in Cardea or building health credential solutions to participate—all companies using Aries agents are welcome!

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Machine Readable Governance is the Key to Scaling Decentralized Trust


Creating decentralized trust online is a difficult enough task on its own, but how do you drive growth and adoption once you have it? We dive deep into that topic and what we believe are the best options in our latest blog.

Self-Sovereign Identity: Expectations & Reality

Christopher Allen and Charlyn Ho took part in the February meeting of the Indicio Identity Community Meetup group, with moderator Heather Dahl, to reflect on the roots of self-sovereign identity and share thoughts on whether ‘true SSI’ can, or should be, achieved. The fireside chat style discussion took a dive into the often confused vocabulary of the industry that is misunderstood and mis-used. The group looked at ways that both the technological and theoretical foundations of SSI can serve as a basis for a Trusted Data Ecosystem that brings value, control, and privacy to both enterprise and individuals.

When it Comes to Decentralized Identity, Sell Solutions Not Rules

The real power of decentralized identity is that it enables incredibly flexible solutions within a privacy and security-driven framework. In our recent blog we explain our take on why when it comes to realizing the value of Trusted Data Ecosystems, people should focus on building solutions.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.