Introducing our newest product:
The Transaction Endorser Wizard


Take the guesswork out of putting together the right components for ledger writes– for you and your customers. Subscriptions to the Indicio Transaction Endorser Wizard are available now for you and your customers, and the wizard works on any Hyperledger Indy network. Make your products and services go live in a matter of minutes, and not hours or days. Learn more about our recent addition to Indico’s range of products for building enterprise-grade Trusted Data Ecosystems today! 

Indicio-SITA Pilot Named 2021 Enterprise Blockchain Award Finalist



Indicio and SITA were recently honored to be recognized by the Blockchain Research Institute for the Aruba Secure Health Card. This successful pilot, in combination with support from the Aruba Health Department, demonstrated how health information can be securely shared, at scale, in a privacy-preserving way using distributed ledger technology. 

Internet Identity Workshop XXXIII (#33)

This week is the 33rd meeting of the Internet Identity Workshop. IIW is about the real-time pulse of genuinely disruptive technologies that are the foundation of today’s important Internet movements. Discussions will include Machine Readable Governance, Hyperledger Aries Bifold (an open source codebase for digital wallets) and best practices for UI/UX for verifiable credentials. Join us to work out how to take complex ideas for the future from a dream to reality!

The Future of the Internet & Encryption


Join our CEO Heather C Dahl for Global Encryption Day, Thu, October 21, 2021 12:00 PM EDT as she discusses the future of the internet and encryption with a panel of leaders in the community, including Gentry Lane, Founder and CEO Anova Intelligence, Edna Conway, VP, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Azure at Microsoft, Colin Constable, Chief Technology Officer, The @ Company. Moderated by Dr. Henna Karna, General Manager Google Global Insurance & Risk, and Board of Directors Member, The @ Company. Register today:

Machine Readable Governance Meetup


Join the Indicio Community Meetup for a presentation from senior engineer, Mike Ebert on Oct 19. Meetup participants will discuss Mike’s presentation on machine readable governance and how it can make establishing trust between ecosystem participants and moving data much easier!

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.