Seamless and Secure Financial Data Verification

Transform account and data authentication across banks, financial services companies, and payment providers using verifiable credential technology.

See how reusable credentials can help you:

Directly verify account holder information without the account holder having to use logins or passwords or share personal data.

Save money on KYC, KYB, and AML compliance

Reduce fraud

Why use verifiable credentials for financial services?

Streamline account access

No more passwords, no need for multifactor authentication, and no need for prying security questions. 

Credentials enable quick, tamper-proof authentication, allowing retailers can be confident they are interacting with real account holders, and customers can be confident that they alone control their account data.

Save money on regulatory compliance

Reuse your costly KYC, KYB, and AML processes across your organization and even with partner organizations.

Credentials can store this information that has already been checked in a tamper-proof way to speed up complex, paper-based processes, and eliminate fraud, duplication, and error.

Reduce fraud

All interactions are encrypted and shared in such a way that it can only be received and understood by the intended recipient.

Any retailer or service provider can use a simple verifier app to quickly and directly authenticate a bank account holder and verify their financial information to make payments simple.

Reduce costs and save time with other powerful features

  • Remove the need for direct integrations with other systems
    • Verify data continuously, even when offline
      • Deploy zero-trust security at scale
      • Create easy governance for complex data flows
        • Permission data sharing between customers, partners, & third parties
          • Eliminate error with customer consent to pre-fill forms 

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