Build and power your verifiable credential

solutions with Proven

Deliver the power of open-source verifiable credentials with fast, flexible development and unlimited scalability. 

Issue and verify credentials in minutes

The Proven API allows your application to access Indicio Proven’s capabilities, such as connecting, issuing, and verifying credentials.

Proven has everything you need, from governance to technology, and through its API your application becomes a source of credential data and can cryptographically verify credentials from trusted sources.

Get quick access to one of the most complete and powerful solutions in the industry, built for interoperability and scale on open-source technology.

Try it with Proven Sandbox 

Proven Sandbox provides a lower cost, condensed instance of the Indicio Proven system to help streamline the research and development and proof-of-concept phases of product and solution creation.

You Get

  • Your own easy-to-use platform for spinning up tests and building products
  • A range of educational workshops and online resources to help developers create and deploy solutions
  • Full-service support 

Why Indicio Proven 

Indicio Proven™ is a complete solution for building trustworthy networks using verifiable data. Scale authentic relationships with customers and organizations. Preserve privacy and maintain security without vendor lock-in.

Mobile App and Mediator

Software to enable users to download, store, and use a credential on mobile devices

Issuer and Verifier Agents

Software with managed hosting to connect, issue, and verify credentials

Verifiable Credential Schema

Flexible template to make verifiable credentials on open source for interoperablility

Distributed Ledger Network

Configure and deploy on the Indicio Network or a Hyperledger Indy-based distributed ledger network of your choice

Maintenance and Updates

Managed updates and comprehensive testing to ensure maximum performance of your Trusted Digital Ecosystem

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Easily implement governance rules and trust lists for using verifiable credentials

Proven API also comes with Indicio’s field-leading training and all the ongoing support you need to succeed

Introducing Holdr+

Indicio’s new mobile app to hold, connect, and communicate using your verifiable digital credentials

Indicio makes it easy to integrate and implement open source verifiable credentials
to create your own Trusted Digital Ecosystem

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Stay up to date on the latest news and advancements from across Indicio and the world of open-source verifiable credentials.


Dive into the technology and open source community with an instructor-led training. Learn from our expert engineers and leaders in open source!

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