The Hyperledger Foundation is a global, open source community hosted by the Linux Foundation that focuses on developing and maintaining a diverse selection of tools, libraries and frameworks for creating enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

By Char Howland

Why is Hyperledger important?

Hyperledger is a leading open source community that provides a host of benefits to the individuals and organizations building from its projects. People all over the world collaborate on Hyperledger projects resulting in continuous, sustainable innovation and interoperability.

The dynamic nature of open source allows the projects to advance and stay relevant as new technologies become available. Contributions can come from anyone, with organizations often encouraging their employees to take part — as is the case with Indicio — or from an individual who wants to learn and practice their skills. 

The Hyperledger Foundation also plays a key role in the marketplace. It ensures that blockchain technology is not only available to those with the ability to pay large sums to proprietary sellers, but accessible to anyone with new ideas. 

How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to get involved with Hyperledger open source projects. Developers, UX designers, technical writers, project managers, marketers — anyone with an interest in the technology can join working group calls to learn about and contribute to projects.

To find out which groups you may be interested in joining, check the calendar of public meetings. Clicking into the calendar entries shows Zoom information and links to meeting pages. You can also join the Hyperledger Discord to introduce yourself and ask questions on the channels of specific groups.

Working groups have one or more moderators who lead meetings and coordinate progress. Most of these groups support open discussion, so if you have an idea for a feature or use case you’d like to implement, bring your idea to the group for discussion and see if it is something the team can add to the roadmap.

Personal experience

Indicio strongly supports its employees contributing to the Hyperledger community, and it has been a great experience learning about and contributing to open source projects and working with people from a variety of countries and professional backgrounds to mutual benefit. There’s a great sense of community and it is rewarding to see the incredible progress the projects have made.

One of the perks of working in an open source community — particularly at Hyperledger — is that it is both big enough to make a real impact on the technology and the companies using it, while being small enough that individual contributions are noticeable and appreciated. This year I was recognized at the community’s biggest event of the year Hyperledger Global Forum for work in the Hyperledger Aries/Identity community and co-moderating the Identity Implementers Working Group.


By joining a foundation like Hyperledger, you will be on the cutting edge of blockchain technology. You will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and technologies, meet new and interesting people, and see your contributions make a difference.

We encourage you to visit the Hyperledger website here and check out the groups that Indicio is involved in here.