Hosted Relay Service

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Why do you need a Hosted Relay Service?

If your using DIDComm you need a service like this to be able to connect to users of DIDs in a decentralized ecosystem and be able to send messages. You can either build it yourself, or find a reliable provider, using a provider can save your team alot of time, money, and headaches.

Features of Indicio’s service

Live message delivery

Your mobile device connects to the mediator for a set period of time, not just a moment, allowing messages to be delivered immediately down to the end user.

Professionally managed

Indicio’s team has years of experience in the field and boasts a 99.97% uptime on our networks, should anything happen we will both notify you and begin working on a fix immediately.


All messages are encrypted in transit and at rest.

The relay service also cannot view the contents of messages between clients.

Interface with DIDComm V1 and V2 protocols

Compatible with any solution currently using DIDComm, our team will also moniter for updates and keep your service up to date.


Thoroughly tested to 50,000 simultaneous connections with no issues, our team can easily help you scale to more.

Ready to use

As plug and play as decentralized identity solutions get, let your team spend their time working on other important projects.

Why Indicio?

Speed, Reliability, Scalability

Get to market fast, focus on giving customers a better experience with their data through your solutions, and reduce the amount of time your team spends troubleshooting.

Indicio’s Hosted Relay Service takes the pressure off your team to create, customize, and manage your own relay service. You can set it and forget with confidence, knowing that our team has years of experience in the industry and will keep your relay working well and up to date.

This professionally managed service easily scales to your needs, being tested with up to 50,00 concurrent connections without a sweat, and offering a payment model based on active connections, you know your always getting what you pay for.

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