We’re creating a stable home for the growth of decentralized identity

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being at the center of decentralized identity innovation and witnessing our community’s rapid growth. It is inspiring to see more and more developers, engineers, and companies become interested in building decentralized identity solutions to manage the ‘new normal’ brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. And that’s because decentralized identity offers so much potential to build a better normal.

But at the same time, we’ve heard a lot of frustration from customers and companies alike. We heard the need for a robust and stable network to build solutions on. We heard the need for a network with a dedicated operations team to provide urgent hands-on support for testing proof of concept and pilot projects. We heard “quick response time” is essential to companies in this space, if they are to successfully create the solutions that help their customers adapt to the new normal of remote data exchange and repeated verifications.

We listened. We built. We launched the Indicio TestNet.

It delivers what our customers need and what the decentralized identity marketplace needs—a concierge class building environment with customized architectural and engineering support. I’m excited about what this kind of professional service can help people create.

Building toward interoperability from day one

Interoperability is critical as decentralized identity moves forward. I’ve been involved in the open source developer community for several years and I’ve seen the frustration when companies aren’t focused on making their identity products interoperable. If we can’t issue and verify credentials on multiple networks, we are just headed down the road of recreating yet another version of the centralized identity systems we’re trying to change.

When we focus on interoperability from the ground up, we are guaranteed to make a better identity product. Interoperability means a broader customer base for businesses while getting a step ahead of your competition.

Depending on a reliable network for testing and demos

As a decentralized identity network operator since 2018, I’ve seen how important it is to have a reliable Testnet. I’ve also seen how innovation flows from companies when they are building on a TestNet with expert support. It’s synergistic. I can support a customer one-on-one during the build process, find bugs, improve performance, and stand by during final testing, ready to remedy any last-minute glitches before a big presentation.

When a network runs smoothly, supported by expert engineers, teams can feel confident that their products will work, not only in test environments, but also during a customer or c-suite presentation.

Quick onboarding of Node Operators

Blockchain networks require validator nodes. Decentralized identity networks require a strong, diverse, and committed group of validator node operators. I’ve seen the struggles that even the most established networks have in managing the validator node operator process. Recruitment, approval, training, onboarding, and node updating are no small tasks, and are fundamental to a healthy operating network.

A healthy node operator program shouldn’t be a blocker for a team looking for a home to make a new decentralized identity product or service. I’ve seen the most innovative and experienced engineering teams from all over the world get frustrated when the onboarding process gets bogged down in bureaucracy. Teams from reputable companies shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to determine if they can be trusted enough. And after they are properly vetted and approved, they shouldn’t be left to their own devices to figure out how to actually set the node up. I’m here to help and support any organization who wants to be part of the future of decentralized identity.

We may be a new company, but at Indicio.tech we have accumulated years of experience bringing new organizations on board to run validator nodes and training these organizations on how to do it. I’m really excited to meet more teams from organizations that want to build the networks of tomorrow. 

The Indicio difference

Every day I’m honored to be a part of such an accomplished team with some of the most experienced engineers in the field of decentralized identity. At Indicio.tech, we provide our customers not only with technical support but also with the business insights they need to bring their solutions to market. This means our entire engineering team works together with our business and marketing teams who are also veterans in this field. This is what makes Indicio.tech special. Our entire team works together to answer your questions, support your network operations, and get your product ready for launch. 

Now I’m happy to help your decentralized digital identity solution succeed by offering the Indicio TestNet with holistic support from industry veterans. I’m excited to hear from you, learn about your products, and have our entire team help you get to market.

Come try the Indicio TestNet.

Lynn Bendixsen is Director of Network Operations for Indicio.tech