A concierge-class decentralized network for developing your identity business solutions

At Indicio.tech, our clients’ needs drive our decision making. This is why we have launched the IndicioTestNet. It’s a direct response to our customers asking for a robust, reliable, decentralized identity network to build, test and demo their projects.

The Indicio TestNet uses the open-source technology of Hyperledger Indy, Ursa, and Aries, to provide a neutral, independent, and reliable decentralized network for the exchange of verifiable credentials. Combined with access to our team of experienced engineers, you’ll have the hands-on support you need to start building, with a network you can depend on.

If you’re here, you get why decentralized identity can deliver transformational change

Decentralized identity—sometimes referred to as self-sovereign identity—enables critical, privacy-preserving control over personal data and information. It’s a paradigm shift in identity and access management that’s going to change the way we operate online.

After watching the community grow over the past several years, I see how fast the field is moving. The open source community is driving innovation around the globe. Standards are coalescing. Disruption is coming.

But where do you start? Where should you go to build and test a proof of concept or a pilot project? What do you need to build, test and get your product to market?

Start with our TestNet.

We’ve built the decentralized identity TestNet that you need, so you can build the solutions your customers want

Building the future of digital identity requires having the right tools and services. Businesses need a way to build, test, and demo their identity solutions on a reliable test network run by staff with a deep knowledge of decentralized identity.  Our engineers know the tech, know the use cases, and know the community. We’ve heard the voices of our customers expressing the need to find a stable home to test their own products, their own networks, and the interoperability of their independent solutions.

This is why we created our TestNet. It’s a concierge-class test network that provides expert support to design, build, and test decentralized identity products, networks, and solutions. 

The Indicio difference

  • Professionally staffed: Our engineers are among the most experienced in the decentralized identity field. Our business and marketing team are veterans in the field. We’re ready to answer your questions, support your network operations, and get your product ready for launch.
  • Stable for demonstrations: You’re putting your heart and soul into your product and into growing your business. We’ve got your back at every step of the way from building to testing to that all important demonstration in front of your c-suite and your clients. 
  • Cross-network test ready: Our customers see a future of interoperable credentials and networks. Our TestNet is ready for testing interoperability with other products from other networks. Issue and verify on multiple  networks, explore the possibilities!
  • Straightforward governance: We’ve designed our TestNet to provide you with the flexibility and support you need to build your product. That means simple and streamlined governance, clear principles and rules, collective responsibility.
  • Node Operator onboarding: At Indicio, you can go beyond issuing credentials and apply to run a validator node on the TestNet. Not sure about how to run a node? Learn how to host a distributed ledger and run a network in one of our Node Operator workshops. 

Indicio.tech’s fully-monitored decentralized identity network is unique. Our staff have been involved in the development of Indy, Ursa, and Aries and now have the opportunity to share their industry knowledge with you.

Your decentralized digital identity business solution deserves a stable home with superlative support. You’ll find both at the Indicio TestNet.