The Indicio Network Consortium is a community for advancing decentralized identity technology through enterprise blockchain. Here’s how it delivers value to its members—and why you should join!

By France Donegan-Ryan

Indicio is building a community for organizations and businesses who want to be the leaders in the Enterprise Blockchain Community —and we want you to be a part of it. The Indicio Network Consortium is open to all, and there are many benefits to joining. 

Why is community important?

Community is a fast growing and strategic initiative for companies, and, contrary to what you might think, it’s not just a strategy for the big B2C brands, it’s an increasingly important strategy  for B2B and startup organizations as well. In fact, nearly 80% of founders reported building a community of users as important to their business with 28% describing it as critical to their success. 

Communities play a vital role in building customer loyalty, driving brand evangelism, and delivering customer satisfaction. A 2021 survey found that 84% of companies that worked to improve their customer experience through community programs reported an increase in revenue. The same survey also revealed that customer-centric companies with branded online communities are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on their customers.

Successful and supportive communities are built with the needs and wants of members at the forefront of their mission. When we were designing the Indicio Network Consortium we worked closely with customers, industry leaders, and community management data to create a meaningful program. We found that people, most of all, wanted to have a platform or space to connect with others with similar interests. 

What is the Indicio Network Consortium?

Consortium members can be Node Operators, Transaction Endorsers, or both. Node Operators support the Indicio Network by volunteering to run a copy of the Indicio ledger on a server that is under their authority. Each copy of the ledger is a node on the network, and multiple copies of the ledger distributed across multiple nodes and geographical locations forms a decentralized network. 

Consortium members can also be Transaction Endorsers, which means taking on the process  of approving writes to the network by other companies and organizations according to network governance rules. Node Operators can also be Transaction Endorsers, but only Node Operators can serve as Trustees for the Indicio Network, ensuring that the network meets its mission parameters.

Consortium benefits

There is no fee to become a Consortium Node Operator. Once approved you receive complementary decentralized identity and business training, professional technical support in operating your node, and have access to promotional opportunities provided via Indicio media channels and events. Also, there is a dedicated Slack space for all members to ask questions, get updates, and network. You’ll receive regular technical and community updates and have the chance to attend quarterly summits. Through these community activities you’ll have opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships with peers, share how your business is using decentralization technology, learn from others, and highlight your progress and achievements.

All Node Operators are eligible to apply to be a Transaction Endorsers on the Indicio MainNet, or you can sign up directly and not operate a node. Being a Transaction Endorser provides you with additional revenue opportunities for your decentralized identity business model. 

There are several Transaction Endorser ledger write (e.g., DIDs, schema, credential definition etc.) packages you can choose from. Additionally, if you’re a Node Operator you receive a 25% discount:

Unlimited ledger writes 

$5000 on time fee | $3750 with Node Operator discount

100 ledger writes and unlimited recovations 

$995 annually | $746 with Node Operator discount

Make your life easier with the Indicio Transaction Endorser Wizard

$5000 one time fee | $3750 with the Node Operator discount

Consortium goals

We want the consortium to be a catalyst for business growth and for decentralized identity technology to reach new audiences. To do this, we will ensure there are regular opportunities to learn about what’s happening in the space, to hear from Indicio engineers and executives about technical and business developments, and to share in technical advancements that benefit us all.

Get started!

It’s easy! You just fill out this application for review by our Board of Trustees. On approval, the Indicio team will help you onboard and get set up.  

Questions? Reach Out!

I’m excited to meet you! I’m here to answer any questions you have, get you signed up, and support you as a member of the Indicio Network Consortium. You can reach me at or via LinkedIn.