Write to the Indicio Network and grow your business

Take the hassle out of writing ledger transactions

Increase efficiency and speed for you and your customers

The current workflow for writing to a publicly available decentralized network (a MainNet) requires going through a Transaction Endorser who approves and signs your write to the ledger. This can be a complicated, time-consuming process, especially for new users. But now, Indicio has simplified the operation with its Transaction Endorsement Wizard.

Instead of a command line interface (CLI), you and your customers can write to the MainNet of any Hyperledger Indy-based network using simple-to-follow scripts and step-by-step walkthrough instructions for every part of the process.

Build  your business and customer base fast by simplifying ledger writes with Indicio’s easy-to-use toolkit. Scale products and services in minutes. Take the guesswork out of putting together the right components for ledger writes. Create value from your Trusted Digital Ecosystem.

  • Network agnostic: Works for any Hyperledger Indy-based Network.
  • Quick writes: It takes fewer than five minutes to complete a transaction endorsement.
  • Create value: Transaction endorsement makes ledger-based payments for transactions possible. Our Wizard helps remove friction for you and your customers.

 Subscribing to Indicio means you’ll get up and running quickly, always have the latest updates, and have an expert to call if questions arise


Request feature enhancements as part of your Transaction Wizard subscription such as integrating the Wizard into your client portal.


Get continuous updates and support for your Transaction Wizard subscription. Indicio doesn’t just back our products, we have your back.

Training & Support

Keep your team comfortable using your subscription with the latest training and contact the Indicio staff directly for continued support.

Transaction Endorser Wizard subscription discounts available
when writing to the Indicio Network!

Be a Transaction Endorser

Businesses, governments, or organizations can apply to become a Transaction Endorser for the Indicio MainNet to endorse their own writes to the network. This requires a bit more technical knowledge and signing up for one of the simple and affordable Indicio write packages. Contact us for more infomation!