Open Source

Open-source is software whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit.

What is open source good for?


Open-source communities usually offer a wide range of active contributors, from individuals to large-scale organizations, ensuring that there is a wide pool of people that can work on your project.

Ease of Deployment

Open-source communities often offer ready-to-use frameworks in several programming languages, as well as the ability to build off existing projects to get started quickly.


Open-source projects let you customize solutions to fit your exact needs while preventing lock-in to any specific vendor and being constantly updated by the community working on them.

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Business use cases for open-source technologies

Government Permits & Licenses

Quickly ensure only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas and documents.

Education Certificates

Simplify sharing education documents and certifications

Financial Transactions

Faster, more secure payments, account access and more

How Indicio can help

Indicio offers ready to use verifiable credentials solutions built on open-source technologies to create as much of a “plug and play” experience for your organization as possible. Our team is also happy to work with you to build a custom solution using open-source if you have specific needs for your project.

Benefits of building on open-source include on-going development and updates to the base technology, and a community of developers familiar with the space to avoid vendor lock-in for your project.

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