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Try and Test Verifiable Credential Technology with Indicio Proven Sandbox

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Indicio recently announced the availability of Indicio Proven Sandbox, providing a low-cost and time-efficient way to streamline the research and development phase of verifiable credential product and solution creation.

Easy Migration to Open-Source Verifiable Credentials with Indicio’s Proven API

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Learn how Indicio’s Proven API streamlines the process of migration from other verifiable credential platform providers and helps your team get to production fast.

Identity Insights – Aruba Happy One Pass Trial with Heather C Dahl

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In this episode Indicio’s Mike Ebert explains how you can use APIs to use verifiable credentials without the need to rip and replace your existing infrastructure.

A Trusted Copilot: Using Decentralized Identity to Manage an AI Virtual Assistant

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We look at a hypothetical AI “Chat Valet” booking a flight in order to illustrate why continuous verifiable identity is essential to managing the process as this new technology continues to grow and shape the way we interact online.

DIDComm in Everyday Life

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DIDComm — short for Decentralized Identifier Communication — will be impacting how we communicate digitally in the near future. Read about how this technology enables direct, secure communication and the projects in the works to make it widely available.

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