Indicio Proven Sandbox is your testing playground for open-source verifiable credentials. Experiment with privacy-preserving issuance, sharing, and verification of credentials, and discover the power of interoperable trusted digital ecosystems for immediate data-driven transformation.

SEATTLE/ [BUSINESSWIRE]- Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, today announced the availability of Indicio Proven Sandbox, a supported test environment for exploring open-source decentralized identity solutions. By using this contained version of Indicio’s award-winning verifiable credential technology, developers, R&D teams, and innovation departments have everything they need to learn, ask questions, and prove out their use cases.

Indicio Proven Sandbox is designed to demystify open-source decentralized identity technology by giving customers a hands-on opportunity to explore verifiable credentials, design ecosystems for sharing verifiable data, envisage solutions and use cases, and then rapidly get to market.

Inside the sandbox version of the Indicio Proven platform, users have access to their own easy-to-use platform for issuing, sharing, and verifying credentials — all while receiving full technical support from Indicio’s experts.  Indicio’s goal with Proven Sandbox is to provide a low-cost and time-efficient way to streamline the research and development phase of product and solution creation. Teams using Proven Sandbox have access to Indicio’s  full range of field-leading educational and training workshops.

Open-source verifiable credentials are driving digital transformation through creating immediately actionable data, seamless processes for data sharing that preserve privacy, and frictionless implementation of the continuous verification needed for zero-trust security.

Indicio Proven Sandbox combines the W3C verifiable credential specification with open-source technologies from Hyperledger, and open standards for machine-readable governance and DIDComm communication from the Decentralized Identity Foundation and Trust over IP Foundation, ensuring smooth delivery of the newest and most well-tested features in verifiable credentials and best-in-class interoperability and scalability.

“Indicio Proven Sandbox  is a critical innovation tool for developers that will accelerate getting products and services to market,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “Even the most resourced enterprise teams face challenges of speed and cost as they innovate and produce new solutions. In this age of staff shortages and shrinking resources, use cases must be proven out quickly, using reliable technology. Now, Indicio Proven Sandbox supports teams that need to show quick results, putting them on a fast track to production.”

Indicio Proven Sandbox includes a range of features and benefits, including:

Easy-to-use platform for testing and launching products to scale and production.

Access to a range of educational workshops, technical leaders, and online resources to help developers create and deploy decentralized identity solutions.

Full-service support to help developers with any questions or issues they may encounter.

Familiar procurement process via your existing Google Marketplace account and any credits you may have. No new vendor onboarding.

“Indicio Proven is the best interoperable decentralized identity system available today,” said Dahl. “It’s a one-stop way to build complete verifiable credential ecosystems that scale. We’ve seen its power unleashed when our customers are able to learn, build, test, and get to production quickly. Proven Sandbox reduces the barriers to entry and will get the technology into more hands and into more systems quicker and easier”

Indicio Proven Sandbox is available now, and interested developers can learn more about the system by visiting Indicio or contact our sales department for your free architecture consultation.