The Indicio Proven® Mobile SDK unlocks the power of verifiable identity and data by giving developers an easy way to build apps with digital wallets and add the features they need to deploy decentralized identity solutions.

SEATTLE, January 31, 2024/ — Mobile app developers now have a simple and powerful way to add  digital wallet functionality to their applications. The new Indicio Proven® Mobile SDK provides packages for Swift, Kotlin, and React Native that are all compiled from a single code base, making it easy to develop apps for both iOS and Android. 

Digital wallets support receiving, holding, and sharing verifiable credentials, which enable people, organizations, and IoT devices to prove their identity and share verifiable data. 

The Indicio Proven Mobile SDK solves a major blocker to deploying decentralized identity and verifiable identity, namely, the lack of a single source for all the code needed to build customized apps with interoperable digital wallets. Your developers can now bring decentralized identity to your applications without having to learn new programming languages or practices, or having to develop complicated, multi-app workflows.

At launch, the open-source protocols and standards the Indicio Proven Mobile SDK supports include DIDComm V1.0, DID:Peer:1 and DID:Peer:2 and AnonCreds. Future updates will add decentralized ecosystem governance (DEGov), JSON-LD and SD-JWT credential types, and OID4VC, providing interoperability with the European Union’s Digital Identity Wallet standards. Indicio is committed to enabling interoperability with all major cross border projects.

“Our SDK is the biggest advancement in digital identity wallet technology to date,” said Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio. “We’ve eliminated the complexity of having to cobble together code written in different languages from multiple libraries and delivered a single source for integrated innovation with comprehensive functionality and interoperability — all based on well-tested code. Everything’s in one place for you to start building, save time, save money, and deliver the killer features your customers want in your products.”

Apps created using the Indicio Proven Mobile SDK also work with Indicio Proven®, Indicio’s complete out-of-the-box product for issuing and verifying wallet data. Indicio Proven accelerates the speed and accuracy for making vital business decisions with its simple software that is easy to implement and can be added onto existing systems and infrastructure, removing inefficient, frustrating paper-based processes and creating better digital experiences for end users and customers. 

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