Business-critical decentralized identity product demonstrations now have a dedicated platform at Indicio., a public benefit corporation providing hosting and build services for decentralized identity ecosystems, today announced it has launched a new decentralized network to support business-critical demonstrations. The Indicio DemoNet joins the Indicio TestNet, which is used for developing new technology releases, and the Indicio MainNet, which hosts mission-critical products and services. With the DemoNet, Indicio now provides a full suite of networks for decentralized identity development and deployment.

“The DemoNet completes our network offerings, filling an important gap in the journey from proof of concept to pilot to deployment,” said Heather Dahl, Indicio CEO. “Companies and organizations need a dedicated platform to demonstrate and showcase their technology before it makes the leap to public and commercial release. This is a critical moment for development teams, and Indicio has their back.”

Typically, a company will develop on the TestNet, demonstrate on the DemoNet, and then launch on the MainNet. Unlike the TestNet, which is subject to repeated resets, the DemoNet provides the stability needed for product demonstrations. Indicio’s ecosystem of networks speeds up the time to launch—everything is in one place and supported by our industry leading team of engineers.

The launch of the DemoNet comes after Indicio’s recent announcement of Cardea, a complete open-source project for verifiable health credentials that is now housed at Linux Foundation Public Health. Indicio now provides businesses and organization with a full ecosystem of decentralized identity products, all built on the Hyperledger community’s open source tools, a dynamic, collaborative Node Operator community supporting its networks, and a wide range of training and support services.

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