We’re going to help you build interoperable digital identity solutions and remake the online world

We launched Indicio to help enterprises and organizations of all sizes reimagine identity for a better online world—and to help them build that world through identity solutions customers and users will value. Our name is derived from the Latin for ‘a sign’ or ‘mark’;  with the “io” nodding to input/output and the critical importance of interoperability to decentralized identity. Indicio stands for identity, independence, being in control of the data that makes you, you. We build on the open source code of Hyperledger Indy—along with Ursa, and Aries.

Why identity has become a problem

The inability to decisively prove who we are in the digital world is frustrating our ability to use the internet effectively and efficiently. Because we can’t trust the kinds of digital evidence people use to try and prove who they are (even photos of documents and licenses), we are forced into cumbersome and problematic identity systems of profiles and passes.

If I drop my wallet, and someone finds my driver’s license, they can create an email address, send a photo of the license, and start to use my identity. To safeguard against risks like this, we make people fill in forms that we store in files, creating digitized paper trails in the process. Even after all this, we still end up wondering about the authenticity of an email address or a user account. All of this happens, because we don’t and can’t trust who is really who they say they are online.

The cost to continuing with these legacy identity systems is enormous and unsustainable. It threatens to undermine so many of the benefits of the internet, while preventing progress in delivering new goods and services.

At the same time, a post Covid-19 world is looking increasingly like a place where people will not want to touch money, credit cards, or paper documentation—or need to. Life-saving behaviors learned during a pandemic will persist after it is over, especially those that prove to be simple and convenient. The efficiencies that open up through contactless systems for sharing data are vast—and they can be realized if we reimagine identity.

Identity for an Online World

We created Indicio.tech to help people reimagine identity online and then help them build that vision. Our principles are simple. We believe in decentralization and interoperability. They’re the way we climb out of the mess of legacy systems. They free us from our current paradigm. And, most important, decentralization and interoperability are the concepts that will deliver digital identity to the masses.

For the past two years, our team has watched an open-source community turn decentralized identity a reality. We’ve been awed by the innovation that happens when brilliant and passionate people come together to build technology that benefits everyone.

This is why we’re committed to providing technology and platform agnostic services tailored to our customer’s needs. We build the technology that’s right for your business or organization and that works for your customers and users. We will not lock you into proprietary technology with a lifetime of licenses and fees.

By providing consulting, training, and technical assistance on all aspects of digital identity, Indicio.tech can tailor services to all industry verticals,  government bodies, NGOs, venture funds, and other organizations looking to take a foothold in the next generation of digital identity.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the decentralized identity world, or ready to begin a proof of concept, we can help build your products at any scale. Training, architecture, engineering, business strategy, marketing—our team of experts in digital identity has got you covered.

We’re here because we believe that the decentralized identity revolution will make the online world a better, a more  productive, and a more secure place. We’ve seen the power of what decentralized identity can do.

And we want to see what you can do with it.

Drop us a line.