Decentralized identity solution developer and air transport technology provider nominated for Blockchain Services Award in the Tools & Middleware category

SEATTLE — October 06, 2021 — Indicio, the world’s leading provider of decentralized identity development and hosting solutions and SITA, the leading provider of IT to the air transport industry, today announced they were finalists in the Blockchain Services Award: Tools & Middleware category in the Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBAs) presented by the Blockchain Research Institute. The partnership was recognized for their work on the Aruba Secure Health Card, a successful pilot  for sharing health information in a privacy-preserving way using distributed ledger technology that debuted earlier in the year with the assistance of the Aruba Health Department.

“Indicio is proud to be a finalist for this award, which recognizes the power of blockchain-based technology to create a world in which the ability to trust data is possible — thank you BRI and EBA,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “I also want to also thank our partner in this project,  SITA, for its vision and leadership in the air travel industry, and for seeing how this technology can change the way we travel and deliver so many benefits to passengers in the future.”

A distributed blockchain-based ledger is at the foundation of Indicio and SITA’s project. It serves as an anchor for verifiable digital credentials that enable people to hold, share and prove important information in a way that preserves privacy and improves security.

“For the Aruba Secure Health Card, we wanted travelers to Aruba to share proof that they had tested negative for COVID as they visited hotels and restaurants on the island,” said Dahl. “Our goal was to have travelers share their status in a way that didn’t require sharing any personal identifying information with the businesses they visited—or require those businesses to record any personal information. We call this a Trusted Data Ecosystem. It’s where information can be shared and verified in a secure, privacy-preserving way and without the need for third parties to be involved in the flow, management, or storage of that information. Removing third parties is  vital to both data privacy compliance and to implementing a Zero-Trust approach to security. Trusted Data Ecosystems are our solution to the problem of trust online.

New this year, the Blockchain Service Award category celebrates providers of blockchain technologies and services. It recognizes companies, government agencies, or nongovernmental entities delivering blockchain solutions to transform their clients’ operations, supply chains, or ecosystems. This category offers an opportunity to showcase the tangible and long-term change that blockchain service providers are working to support.