Leading research firm points to Indicio’s “proven experience in the market” for decentralized identity solutions

By Tim Spring

KuppingerCole, an analyst firm that specializes in digital identity and security and hosts the European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC), one of the major global conferences on identity, recently released their Reusable Verified Identity Leadership Compass, which provides an in-depth look into vendors in this space. 

Alongside such globally recognizable names as Microsoft, Thales, and Ping Identity, Indicio was listed among its “Vendors to Watch” because “with several large-scale projects completed, Indicio has proven experience in the market.” 

The strength of Indicio’s market position comes from successfully developing solutions for clients using open-source decentralized identity technology, and then productizing that innovation to make it easy to adopt and scale verifiable credential technology to solve any number of use cases. 

The highlight of Indicio’s product range is Proven™, which is designed as a complete starter kit for building open-source Trusted Digital Ecosystems, and includes everything you need to start issuing, holding, sharing, and verifying your digital information. Often the struggle with implementing new systems like this is the “chicken or the egg” problem. It can be unclear what pieces your team should build first and how to best ensure they can interact with each other. Proven solves that problem by providing the entire ecosystem — holder, issuer, and verifier — all in one easy to deploy, customizable package.

The Digital Travel Credential in partnership with SITA

Decentralized identity will improve the passenger experience at every step of the travel ribbon, creating new opportunities for airlines, airports, and the hospitality and tourism sectors. With the Digital Travel Credential (DTC) passenger data can be verified as authentic instantly and repeatedly, without complex integrations into databases or relying on manual checking. This technology, based on Proven, was developed in partnership with SITA — the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology — and through this partnership has had a successful proof of concept in Aruba and is set to be tested by major airlines shortly.


Holdr+ is an easy-to-use mobile application for sharing data with trusted connections in a privacy-preserving way. Built on the open-source code of Hyperledger Aries, this app is easily white-labelable, customizable, and interoperable with other Aries-compatible solutions. More than just a wallet, this app also supports secure connections and messaging through advanced DIDComm protocols.

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