The  Indicio Academy expands the company’s expert-led training into a new certification program of courses for engineering, sales, marketing, and business development teams who want to master open-source decentralized identity and use verifiable credentials to build Trusted Digital Ecosystems. 

SEATTLE, June 20, 2023/Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, today announced the launch of the Indicio Academy and three new professional certifications. The goal of the Indicio Academy is to nurture expertise in open-source decentralized identity technology so that businesses, organizations, and the public sector can use verifiable data to build and deploy successful Trusted Digital Ecosystems.

A Trusted Digital Ecosystem is a way to issue, share, and verify high-value data in a direct, secure, and privacy-preserving way that enables the data and its source to be trusted. Solutions built on Trusted Digital Ecosystems remove the need for direct integrations between different data systems, avoid the need for third parties to store personal data, enable mobile devices to function as highly secure APIs, and transform how we create and manage digital relationships. Easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure, flexible, and scalable to any use case, this technology is increasingly being used to drive digital transformation through seamless and secure processes that support Web 2.0 and Web3 applications. 

A certification course from Indicio Academy provides teams with a comprehensive understanding of how to architect, build, and deploy a complete Trusted Digital Ecosystem using open-source verifiable credential technology and how to capitalize on the value of using trusted, verifiable data. With the launch of the first certification program specializing in this technology, Indicio recognizes the urgent need for more expertise in the marketplace, both to support emerging deployments and to drive innovation in a dynamic, open-source, and interoperable technology. 

“Our goal is to help teams to get to market quickly by giving them an intense training in the technology,” said Heather Dahl, Chief Executive Officer at Indicio. “Verifiable credential technology is driving digital transformation across every industry, fueling a vast number of new products and services. And right now, there is an urgent need for the kind of training that we are meeting with the Indicio Academy. Simply put, the more people we help master this technology—and the business of using it—the more value will be created, the more innovation will happen, the more benefit will be reaped.”  

Each course is based around real-world case studies, how they were developed, and what made their implementations successful. Teams will work through course materials under the guidance of Indicio’s instructors, who all bring extensive experience in building solutions for global enterprises and the public sector using this technology. Interactive demos will help you grasp processes, information flows, and best practices for development and deployment. At the end of each course, there will be an opportunity to take an exam on what you have learned and earn a certificate.

The Indicio Academy offers three certified courses:

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Certification (3 hours): This foundational, three-hour course introduces participants to the concepts and components of decentralized identity technology and is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the technology and its business applications. There are no technical requirements for enrolling. Over three one-hour modules participants will learn about the power of decentralized identity and verifiable credentials, how to design solutions for commercial and public sector applications through creating Trusted Digital Ecosystems, and how to communicate the value of these ecosystems to non-technical audiences. This course is a prerequisite for taking the advanced certificate courses.

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Business Professional Certification (+2 hours): This advanced course is designed for executives, directors, business development, marketing, communications, public relations, and sales. It focuses on the business of decentralized identity, value creation, and how to monetize verifiable data in Trusted Digital Ecosystems, especially through creating seamless processes. Participants will also learn how to manage the governance requirements for decentralized identity infrastructure and how to simplify the process of implementation of governance rules for participants in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem.

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Technical Professional Certification (+2 hours): This advanced course is specifically designed for developers, engineers, and architects and covers agent architecture, with a focus on  mobile holder agents, mediation, connections, holding and presenting credentials, and using advanced DIDComm features. The second component focuses on how to successfully run a solution demonstration, including what to test prior to demonstration and how to present an effective solution deck.

The Indicio Academy is the companion to the recently announced Indicio Proven™ Sandbox. Sandbox offers a fast, simple way for teams to dive in and explore verifiable credential technology for seamless, trusted data sharing and verification using Indicio’s award-winning Proven ecosystem. It includes access to the Indicio Academy certification program as well as access to Indicio’s team of expert engineers and developers for the support and troubleshooting needed for teams to move quickly from POC to production.

For more information about the Indicio Academy, TDE Certifications, or the Indicio Sandbox, please visit Indicio.


About Indicio:
Indicio is the market leader in developing enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize existing technology infrastructure ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust. Through its flagship product range, Indicio Proven™, companies have an easy way to integrate, implement, and scale decentralized identity and verifiable credential solutions, manage data privacy, and avail of enhanced, Zero-Trust enabling security. Specializing in applications for financial, healthcare, and travel markets, Indicio enables its global customers to create and use immediately actionable, verifiable data and implement Web 2.0 and Web3 digital transformation. Go to to learn more.