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Why use Indicio Proven Sandbox?

High value, low investment

Proven Sandbox provides your team with a quick entry into the world of verifiable credentials without having to make either a large time commitment or a high monetary investment. This pre-built instance of Proven gives you all the technical pieces you need to get started as well as discounted access to Indicio’s field-leading training and support.

Easily scale and deploy

Don’t stop at Sandbox. The Indicio team will help you take your vision to a live production network when you’re ready.

Get started fast

Eliminate the need to create your own network, schema, issuer, verifier, holder. Get instant access to everything you need to evaluate verifiable credential technology.

Reliable training and support

Don’t go it alone. We have your back. Access all the training and support your team needs to keep roadblocks out of their way.

Get started today with Google Cloud

Adopting open source verifiable credentials efficiently can be challenging. Indicio and Google Cloud simplify your journey with flexible, proven, and complete solutions.

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Indicio’s open-source decentralized identity technology helps you avoid the complexity of direct integrations for data sharing, reduce costs and error, mitigate fraud, provide better and faster customer experiences,  and deliver the consent and privacy to make complying with data privacy regulation considerably easier.