Explore, learn, and innovate with open-source verifiable credentials

Discover the power of interoperable trusted digital ecosystems.

Why use Indicio Proven Sandbox?

Test, demo, learn

Start your verifiable credential journey in a contained environment that includes Indicio’s industry-leading training and technical support.

Indicio Proven Sandbox provides developers, R&D teams, and innovation departments with everything they need to explore, develop, and  prove their use cases — and get to production fast.

Start with everything you need

Network, schema, issuer, verifier, holder. Access everything you need to evaluate verifiable credential technology.

Training and Support

Don’t go it alone. We have your back. Access all the training and support your team needs need to keep roadblocks out of their way.

Scale and Deploy

Don’t stop at Sandbox. Easily take what you build to a live production network. A cost-effective way to realizing your vision. 

Meet Indicio Proven Works

Combat occupational fraud and reduce the time and labor of verifying global employee status and current employment information with the newest product from Indicio Proven.

Indicio makes it easy to integrate and implement open source verifiable credentials
to create your own Trusted Digital Ecosystem

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Do you need a Trusted Digital Ecosystem to create actionable, verifiable data? Indicio can help you in your journey.

Contact us today and learn how you can get started with Indicio Proven!

Indicio’s open-source decentralized identity technology helps you avoid the complexity of direct integrations for data sharing, reduce costs and error, mitigate fraud, provide better and faster customer experiences,  and deliver the consent and privacy to make complying with data privacy regulation considerably easier.
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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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