Responding to strong demand, Indicio now offers certification upon completion of its virtual, instructor-led decentralized identity training.

Technology provider, a public benefit corporation advancing decentralized identity, today announced a new professional certification program. Program participants completing Indicio’s popular instructor-led workshops, including the newest workshops on the open source Hyperledger Aries Mediator Agent and Mobile Agent, are awarded certificates of completion issued in the form of a verifiable credential.

“We first envisioned Indicio training as the gateway to understanding decentralized identity,” says Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. ”Decentralized technology, its terminology, and its technical process can be confusing to grasp on your own, even though the actual process of issuing, holding, and verifying credentials is surprisingly easy. So our thought was that we should give people the opportunity to learn about decentralized identity through hands-on activities guided by an experienced instructor. It turned out that this delivered the ‘aha’ moment for workshop participants and inspired them to want to know more.” 

“Building this into a certificate program recognizes the need and the demand for systematic training in our field,” says Dahl. “And it only makes sense the certificate is issued in the form of a verifiable credential, using the EntTrustient platform, an innovator in credentials for governments, education, employment, travel, health, and finance industries.”

“We’re thrilled to support the issuance of Indicio’s training credentials for participants who’ve successfully demonstrated skills attainment and program completion.” says Tim Dutta, Chairman, and CEO of Entrustient, “Indicio’s workshops are designed to enable the next generation of trained professionals to be fluent in decentralized identity technology. By using Entrustient’s innovative, redundant, and decentralized distributed blockchain ledger platform, recipients of these credentials will now have full agency and the ability to provide a proof presentation of their earned accomplishments, to any third-party verifying organization that relies on certifications from Indicio, the original credential issuer.”

Expanding decentralized identity curriculum

The evolution of Indicio’s training workshops comes as companies and organizations are increasingly seeing decentralized identity as the solution to the longstanding challenge of verifying identity online, a critical process that has only become more urgent with the impact of the Covid pandemic on all aspects of our lives.

Designed for participants ranging in technical experience, skill level, and area of specialization, Indicio’s workshops provide the groundwork needed for both business and engineering team members to build and run decentralized networks and the applications that run on them. 

Participants will receive a Certification of Completion and a verifiable credential that can be shared with peers and networks across social platforms and add ‘Decentralized Identity’ to their resumes.

Indicio’s instructor-led workshops provide:

  • Hands-on learning covering each step of decentralized identity: These courses cover topics ranging from the fundamentals to network operations and agent mediation, with more courses expected to be added throughout the year. Additionally, self-paced labs and demos are also available providing further hands-on experience.
  • Certificate of completion: The instructor-lead courses conclude with a certificate of completion and professional emblem for sharing with networks and display on social media.
  • Continuing professional development: By participating in the Indicio certification community, individuals can use their training completion certification to gain access to networking opportunities and ongoing community events within the identity community.

Indicio will soon be expanding its certification program with workshops on Mobile Agents, including mobile application user interface design, and user experience best practices. These listings target designers, graphics, and product teams providing the opportunity to learn more about the growing field of decentralized identity. Future planned workshops also include technical writing, communicating, and governance for decentralized identity-based products and  networks.

“Since Indicio launched its training program, we continue to expand our courses to meet the demand for more and more technical knowledge, says Ken Ebert, Indicio CTO. “But people also want to  understand the business value of decentralized identity and learn about user experience and design. We are lucky to have some of the best engineers and business experts in decentralized identity on our team. They’re actively building identity solutions for global enterprises—so who better to teach and learn from?” 

To learn more about our workshops and how to enroll, click here.

ABOUT US provides technology development services for decentralized identity, and offers a complete software ecosystem for business, consumer, and mobile applications to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials. Founded on the belief in privacy and security by design, Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent. Identity and application teams rely on Indicio’s simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to make identity work for everyone.