Developers can easily search and read the writes to Indicio’s Network ledgers, which delivers decentralized identity tools and business support services for an array of global clients, today announced that it has adopted IndyScan for use across its Networks.

IndyScan makes it possible for developers to quickly search and read the various writes to distributed ledgers with a user-friendly front-end and easy-to-use ‘search’ function. While ledgers, such as the Indicio Networks, are public and readable by anyone, they previously required special code to make it possible to download, access, and then read the transactions. IndyScan provides that service, deployed to monitor the networks.

“IndyScan is an example of the wealth of technology available from the open source community propelling decentralized identity forward,” said Ken Ebert, CTO of Indicio. “This means developers can speed up the process of checking for bugs, verifying writes, and reusing existing writes, which shortens development time and enhances interoperability. With IndyScan, developers can quickly read what they are actually putting on identity network ledgers.”

IndyScan is the latest addition to an expanding suite of tools that enhance the operation of decentralized identity networks. In September, Indico launched and open sourced its Indy Monitoring tools, which provide enterprise-grade monitoring capabilities to identify issues and automatically alert network administrators before problems become outages.

“Indicio is committed to open standards and the communities that support them.” said Heather C. Dahl, CEO, “The future of decentralized identity is open. And that’s why we are investing in business critical tools and contributing them to the open-source community. We all win by making decentralized identity easier to use and easier to adopt.”

Developers and DevOps teams interested in learning more about IndyScan, first created and open sourced by Patrik Stas, can get started here.

Indicio also offers workshops and training on the latest in open source tools including IndyScan, decentralized identity network node operation, and fundamentals of decentralized identity. Please review Training Packages at for the latest information on training and workshops.


About Indicio is a professional services firm specializing in decentralized identity architecture, engineering, and consultancy. Indicio provides expert guidance to a global community of clients on the use of verifiable credentials to build digital identity solutions. The decentralized networks and tools created by Indicio make verifiable credentials easy to adopt, simple to deploy, and reliable to use. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent. Indicio believes in privacy and security by design, interoperability, and supports the open source goals of the decentralized identity community.