Governance Editor

Easily implement governance rules and trust lists for using verifiable credentials

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

A simple way to implement decentralized identity governance 

Indicio is working with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) on a specification for machine-readable governance rules. Machine-readable governance simplifies issuing, sharing, and verifying digital credentials by embedding the governance rules at the agent software level. These governance rules include “Trust Lists” — lists of approved credential Issuers. 

Machine-readable governance speeds up verification, make it easy to  add or delete Issuers and create and manage Boolean information flows (if X, then y). It  provides offline functionality as the rules are cached. And it enables the governance authority responsible for governing to effectively and efficiently execute its responsibilities. We call this “Decentralized Ecosystem Governance.

To make implementation, Indicio has created a Governance  Editor and governance interpreting code. The demo below will show how to create trust lists and establish credential trust by creating a governance file and sample code for interpreting the governance file.

features & benefits

Adopt a low-cost, efficient, and error-free way to choreograph the rules for interaction in a decentralized identity ecosystem

It can manage interactions within and across jurisdictions and systems, allowing each governance authority to enact the rule they decide on as important.

It makes a governance framework portable so a governance authority publishes a governance file that propagates to all the agents in an ecosystem

It enables the appropriate governance authority — such as a government or health authority — to directly implement and easily update the rules for how individual data is used.

How to create a list of trusted credential issuers using
the Governance Editor

Try the editor

Visi Create a governance file and save it to your hard drive.

Visit and upload the governance file, customize the functions to ask new questions, and see the results.

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