Effective, efficient, quality ecosytem governance

Embed the rules for governing your verifiable ecosystem directly into your ecosystem’s code for easy enforcement and instantaneous updates. 

The simplest way to implement governance


Manage interactions within and across jurisdictions and systems, with maximum flexibility and strict adherance to updates.


Create a portable governance framework so when a governance authority publishes update, everyone gets it at once.


The ecosystem governance authority directly implements updates the rules for how individual data is used.

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Indicio is working closely with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) on a specification for machine-readable governance rules. Machine-readable governance simplifies issuing, sharing, and verifying digital credentials by embedding the governance rules at the agent software level.

Machine-readable governance speeds up verification, make it easy to  add or delete Issuers and create and manage Boolean information flows (if X, then y). It also provides offline functionality as the rules are cached, and it enables the governance authority responsible for governing to effectively and efficiently execute its responsibilities. We call this “Decentralized Ecosystem Governance”.

Architect and design your governance needs with Indicio

One of the primary missions we have at Indicio is to help you get the technology you need so you can start benefitting from the power and efficiency verifiable data and information can bring to you.

Governance — who is in control and therefore accountable — can get confusing when you need to combine the language with the technical policies, rules, and procedures that apply to your ecosystem or use case. Those from the business world may think in terms of corporate governance and those from the engineering world may think in terms of technical stacks.

Indicio can help you merge the two with our governance design services with clarity and simplicity.

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