Indicio Proven® adds support for OpenID protocols and the SD JWT credential format for interoperability with a wide variety of existing and emerging solutions and specifications, including the European Union’s digital identity requirements.

By Ken Ebert, CTO

We at Indicio have been closely monitoring the European Union’s eIDAS 2.0 (electronic IDentification, Authentication, and Trust Services) regulation and the associated EUDI (European Digital Identity) wallet specification. We are excited to announce that Indicio Proven® supports the OpenID protocols required for both. 

This means that our government and business customers can more easily build verifiable credential solutions and digital wallets that work with emerging EU digital identity wallet specifications in anticipation of the EU’s requirement that all member-state citizens have access to a digital identity wallet by 2026. 

This follows Indicio’s implementation of OpenID for Open Badges 3.0


The OpenID communication protocols, consisting of OpenID4VCI (Verifiable Credential Issuance) and OpenID4VP (Verifiable Credential Presentation), are required by the European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework and are included in the EUDI specification. 

These protocols enable verifiable digital identity credentials to be issued to a digital wallet and then be presented from that digital wallet to a relying party for verification. Through these mechanisms, European citizens can use digital identity credentials to access government services, prove their age, hold mobile driver’s licenses, and cross borders. 

Selective disclosure and EUDI

In addition to our ongoing support for selective disclosure in AnonCreds, Indicio now also supports the new SD JWT (Selective Disclosure JWT) credential format. Selective disclosure is a feature that allows credential holders to present specific information in a credential for verification (instead of having to disclose all the information in the credential at once). This feature is key to meeting the European Union’s requirements for data minimization and privacy in eIDAS. 

Indicio Proven: One solution, many options

We understand the first-mover advantage. And we understand the cost and worry of having to adapt to new specifications, standards, and customer needs. It’s why Indicio ensures our customers have the best and most flexible technology. They can deploy today with the confidence that they can quickly evolve as new specs roll in and stay ahead of the competition. 

Adding support for OpenID and SD JWT to Indicio Proven doesn’t just mean satisfying EU requirements; it also means customers satisfy EU requirements and get a host of more advanced features to satisfy business needs, such as the ability to issue KYC credentials, Digital Travel Credentials, and Open Badges 3.0. 

By offering the widest possible selection of credential formats and protocols, Indicio Proven is the most capable verifiable credential solution in the market and the only complete verifiable credential solution available in both the AWS and Google marketplaces.

But there’s more…

EUDI is still a work in progress, and Indicio’s CEO, Heather Dahl, is now serving on the European Commission’s Ad-Hoc Technical Advisory Group for the European Digital Identity Wallet. 

But it’s not the only emerging digital identity solution. Indicio Proven will also support the emerging Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) ISO 18013 specification, which is currently being piloted in various states and countries. 

As the first company to successfully implement a Digital Travel Credential based on the International Civil Aviation Organization’s specifications for a digital equivalent of a passport and to develop effective liveness and biometric binding to personal data in a verifiable credential, we are excited to incorporate land travel into Indicio Proven’s portfolio of options. 

And, with all these different credential formats and implementations, how do you choose which to build to, especially as some are still very much works-in-progress? 

It doesn’t matter. 

We’re serious. It really doesn’t matter. You can have the best of everything. We have built Indicio Proven to act as a credential bridge. This means you can wrap an existing credential format with the features of a more advanced credential while retaining the original credential’s functionality and verifiability. It’s a lock-in buster, meaning you don’t need to worry about being stuck with an underpowered solution. 

That means — get building now. You can create dynamic deployments that do amazing things right now and be compatible with whatever comes along in the future. That’s the magic of this technology and Indicio Proven. 

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