New to self-sovereign identity? Looking to learn more? I’ve made you a list of this week’s top five reads along with brief summaries to help you keep tabs on the latest developments, thought leaders, and innovations in the digital identity world.

  1. The evolution of Identity Management Models and an introduction to Self Sovereign Identity(SSI)
    by Vishwas Anand Bhushan- 4/20/20, Imaginea Labs
  • The internet began as an exclusive platform used primarily by scientists and engineers, lacking a layer of identity and authentication in its framework. As internet use grew, the need to identify users and service providers to prove authenticity arose as well.
  • Various models for identity control have existed throughout the internet’s history, such as the centralized identity model, federated identity model, and user-centric identity model. However, none of these models make it possible for individuals to fully control their identity because of the involvement of an intermediary party.
  • The decentralized identity model eliminates the need for an intermediary and allows users to reveal only the necessary data required by a service provider.
  1. Sejong City to establish blockchain-based autonomous vehicle trusted platform by Park Sae-jin- 5/8/20, Aju Business Daily
  • Sejong, South Korea’s “Smart City”, will be testing a platform for the verification of autonomous vehicles using blockchain technology. The platform’s goal is to verify and protect the digital identities of self-driving cars and their systems.
  • Protecting an autonomous vehicle’s digital identity is critical to preventing the hijacking and overriding of its driving systems, potentially saving lives and private information.
  • A consortium of South Korean companies will develop a blockchain-based DID verification system to prevent the illegal cloning of self-driving cars’ identities.
  1. What it is the business value of SSI? by Agata Slater- 11/29/19, Hackernoon
  • Recent data breach scandals have revealed the prevalence of personal data collection by large corporations for the purpose of monetization.
  • Self-sovereign identity eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords across various platforms, greatly reducing the administrative burden and improving the customer experience.
  • SSI’s greatest cost-cutting capability is likely to be found in cybersecurity use cases. According to estimations, the global costs of data breaches will rise to over $2.1 trillion dollars in 2020.
  1. Why a single online name and social cards will be the new norm by Sumit Ahuja- 5/12/20, Help Net Security
  • Data breaches hit an all-time high in 2019, rising nearly 17% from the previous year.
  • Data privacy extends beyond private sector concerns. Facebook allowed a third-party app to gather the private information of nearly 50 million of its users. This information ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica who used it to work with campaign election teams all over the world, influencing global elections.
  • The UN is seeking to develop a universal identity for all human beings. A blockchain-powered solution could allow each person to hold a credential tied to their fingerprints, birth date, medical records, education, travel, bank accounts, and more.

5. Blockchain May Offer Solutions to Fighting Covid-19 by Irving Wladawsky-Berger- 5/1/20, The Wall Street Journal

  • Countries with access to reliable data were able to more effectively mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those with limited data.
  • Because privacy and civil liberties play a stronger role in Western countries, the measures taken in nations with strong central governments would prove more difficult to implement and enforce. SSI technology allows for reliable data collection without sacrificing individual privacy and freedom.
  • A trusted data ecosystem that requires the exchange and sharing of data across a variety of institutions is critical to reach a higher level of privacy and security.

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