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Cardea is an complete, decentralized, easy-to-integrate, open-source ecosystem for verifying health data that preserves patient a privacy. It was developed by Indicio with SITA and the Government of Aruba, and the resulting code was donated to Linux Foundation Public Health where it is now the Cardea Project.

Public health authorities, governments, organizations, and industries can use Cardea to enable people to maintain their privacy while holding and using an easily verifiable, trustworthy, unalterable proof of a health test or vaccination.

Build with Cardea’s complete open source
Trusted Digital Ecosystem to make it easy to verify trusted data

Mobile agent

JavaScript agent for holders and verifiers to connect, receive, and send Cardea verifiable credentials with a flexible UI/UX implementation; available for Android and iOS. (Hyperledger Bifold contribution).

Mediator agent

Makes it possible to communicate with mobile holder and verifier agents via an open standards contribution. Public test mediator agent instances are deployed and hosted by Indicio.

Enterprise agent

Health organization/government enterprise issuer/verifier agent. Customizable web-based React issuer and verifier cloud agent UI (available to contribute) that is deployed with ACA-Py agents.

Machine Readable governance

Machine Readable Governance (in use, available to contribute).

Mobile UI/UX

Cardea Holder & Verifier Mobile React Native UI/UX (use case agnostic version available in Indicio public Github).


Test and vaccination Schemas created with healthcare and public health partners.

Supported by the Indicio MainNet or any other Hyperledger Indy-based Network

Why we contributed

Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community and is committed to advancing decentralized identity and trusted data ecosystems as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent.

For Indicio, as a public benefit corporation, it is our mission to honor the idealism of the open source community that brought decentralized identity technology into existence. This means open sourcing the infrastructure that we build, and making interoperability the compass point that directs how we build for others.

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