Meet business demands with actionable, trustworthy data.

By Helen Garneau

Whether private or public sector, B2B or B2C, our customers are excited by the power  and value of verifiable credential technology. It’s a game-changing way to share and verify data and build seamless processes that deliver a multitude of benefits. From passwordless access to seamless account verification, mobile driver’s licenses to digital travel credentials, device monitoring to data sharing networks, verifiable credentials are driving digital transformation through the ability to trust the source and integrity of any kind of data, deter fraud, and deliver the kind of data protection demanded by regulators.

Healthcare companies are using verifiable credentials to develop more accurate and simple ways for patients to share health records between providers. Financial service companies are using verifiable credentials to power real-time account access verification. And governments are using verifiable credentials to deliver better access to business and public services for millions of people around the world.

None of this requires starting afresh or committing to months or years of complex implementation. Verifiable credential technology can be layered on top of what you already have in a matter of weeks or a few months (making it fast and cost effective to implement and use. It’s also easy and cost effective to scale up to whatever scale you need to achieve.

Benefits of verifiable credentials 

In simple terms, verifiable credentials are powered by cryptographic trust and digital signatures. You can prove the source of any data presented from a verifiable credential and that the data hasn’t been tampered with. It’s a brilliant, simple, and (energy) efficient use of distributed ledger technology and new protocols and standards.

In practical terms, this means you don’t need to directly integrate different data sources or rely on third parties to manage identity verification. Data issued by a bank can be instantly verified by a retailer with the absolute assurance that it came from the named bank and hasn’t been altered. Instantly actionable data allows you to create new ways of doing business or radically simplify any kind of business interaction or service where high-value information has to be shared and verified (think KYC or mortgage applications or drone flight paths).

The ability to authenticate anyone (and they you) in a secure digital interaction deters fraud and phishing and makes the continuous verification needed for zero-trust security implementations a breeze.

So how do you get started? Indicio Proven™ is our complete product for building what we call a Trusted Digital Ecosystem. It’s based on our award-winning solutions for global enterprises and has everything you need to issue, hold, present, and share verifiable credentials — including a simple way to manage governance!

Instead of developer teams spending months installing new IAM systems, here’s how easy it is to go from an idea to implementation in a matter of minutes.

Deployment in 3 easy steps

Whether you are a large enterprise with expansive resources or a small team with just a few developers, Indicio Proven™ is designed to be easy to adopt and integrate into your existing systems.

1. Install the Proven™ Issuer software agent on your  server and connect it to the data source or service of their choice via standard APIs.

2. Use the  Proven™ Issuer agent software to send  an invitation URL (often in a QR code) to the person or organization you want to send a verifiable credential to (a “holder”). The verifiable credential contains the holder’s  data, in an encrypted format, which is stored in a secure digital wallet app under the holder’s control, usually on their mobile device.

3. The holder can now present the data in their credential to anyone who has the Indicio Proven™ Verifier agent software, which can also be used on a mobile device. The Verifier application can also be connected via APIs to other services or systems to transmit the verified data.

Indicio helps a broad range of companies and organizations — including SITA —to  build verifiable credential solutions using the latest open standards and open-source protocols.

To help you new customers get started quickly with Indicio Proven™,  we’ve created a 30-day free-trial. It’s a complete hosted service that introduces you to the technology, its benefits, features, use cases, and technical concepts. It’s the perfect way to build out a proof of concept, design a pilot, and map a path toward production and deployment.

Why wait to innovate? Reach out to get your free trial today!