Indicio has a long list of successful projects, both solo adventures and in partnership with some of our Node operator community. Below are just a few of our favorites; they show different use cases for the technology.

PassmateTM is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) subscription technology that makes secure data sharing and proof of identity through verifiable credentials easily available to consumers and businesses by using the payments infrastructure that merchants and businesses already use. Architected and developed in a collaboration with Liquid Avatar Technologies and US-based Dynamics Inc. payment systems.

Indicio architected and built a privacy-preserving digital age-verification service that works through Point-of-Sale systems for purchasing age-restricted products at over 8,000 Ontario stores; partnership with Ontario Convenience Store Association

Indicio and Bonifi created a verifiable digital credential for opening a bank account online, and for continuous proofing of financial transactions to promote financial inclusion, simplify KYC processes, and mitigate fraud.

Indicio is working with SITA, the leading global supplier of technology to the aviation sector, to add verifiable credentials to the electronic ticket authorization network (ETA) for passports, health records, and border documents so that travelers can be pre-authorized for entry before departure. This builds on the successful trial of the Aruba Secure Health Record.

A Canadian Financial Institution

Verifiable credentials from government-issued identity for account opening and continuous proof of identity for online banking transactions.