Indicio takes the stress out of managing this essential upgrade with two new integration packages

By James Schulte

The Hyperledger Indy DID Method is a major step forward in interoperability. As Indicio’s CTO, Ken Ebert put it, “The Indy DID Method paves the way for Hyperledger Indy credentials to scale globally by allowing Indy networks to seamlessly interoperate and create a ‘network-of-networks’ effect.”

But this can only happen if all those currently using Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Aries update their operating systems, nodes, and agents to use the new Indy DID method.

We can’t overemphasize this enough: If you want interoperability between Indy networks, you really have to have this. 

These code changes build in the resolution of DIDs, schemas, and other ledger objects to the network which contains them.Without these code changes it is very difficult to support multiple networks.

We understand this can be a time consuming process and, in the case of upgrading agents, it could be a heavy lift. So why not let the authors of the code implement it for you?

Enter Indicio’s DID:Indy Integration Service Packages!

Two packages: One for agents and one for networks
Upgrading customer agents is the most complex part of the process and where you’ll benefit most from knowledgeable implementation. We’ll also provide all the training you need to use the new update.

Agent Package

  • Cloud Agent updates for issuers, verifiers, and holders
  • Mobile Agent updates for holders

We can also upgrade your networks if you want to save time—or you don’t have a network operations person to do this work for you.

Networks Package

  • Full network operating system updates
  • Node software updates for each running node

Again, the Indy DID Method is not an optional upgrade. It’s a major development that delivers interoperability. 

We’re here to make it simple and stress free.

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