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Sam Curren is the Senior Systems Architect and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Indicio,  the market leader in developing open source Trusted Digital Ecosystems to verify and exchange high-value information. 

Sam oversees the direction of Indicio’s open source contributions and guides architecture of multiple customer projects and was heavily involved in the creation of Indicio’s flagship product Proven™ which provides the complete suite of software, network infrastructure, and decentralized identity components needed to authenticate and exchange high-value information and develop trusted, secure relationships.

Sam has been involved in the Identity Community for over 12 years, working and researching on personal data, distributed systems, supply chain digital birth certificates, and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

As a pioneer in decentralized identifier communication protocol (DIDComm) and open source technology verifiable credentials, Sam played an instrumental role in the development of Hyperledger Aries and Hyperledger Indy and continues to innovate the sector. As a project maintainer and contributor to multiple open source repositories and open standards for decentralized identity, Sam has held an extensive range of leadership roles for various community groups including the Decentralized Identity Foundation and Hyperledger Foundations at the Linux Foundation and the IEEE. Currently, Sam is co-chair of both the Hyperledger Aries project and the DIF DIDComm Working Group, and is also a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation Steering Committee.

Previously, Sam was the Agent Architect at the Sovrin Foundation and was Lead DeveloperLead Developer at Kynetx where he developed significant pieces of the company’s software and infrastructure and created SquareTag, a consumer product that creates a physical handle for digital resources enabling the Internet of Things.

Sam has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.

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