Sam Curren biography

Sam Curren is the Senior Systems Architect and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Indicio. He is one of the most experienced systems architects in the decentralized identity field and has been instrumental in both developing this technology, driving innovation, and in building Indicio into the market leader for decentralized identity solutions.

Sam is responsible for designing and developing the systems architecture for Indicio’s customers, a role driving digital transformation through delivering customer innovation and success. 

This overlaps with Sam’s role as a leader in the decentralized identity developer community, instrumental in the development of Hyperledger Aries and Hyperledger Indy codebases. He is a  pioneer in developing the decentralized identifier communication protocol (DIDComm), a secure bidirectional communications protocol that expands the capacity of verifiable credential solutions by allowing mobile devices to perform with the functionality of APIs.

Sam is widely consulted as an expert in decentralized identity technology and how it can drive digital transformation. He is currently co-chair of both the Hyperledger Aries project and the DIF DIDComm Working Group; he is also a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation Steering Committee, where he is playing an instrumental role in getting Indicio’s solution for ecosystem governance translated into a global specification.

Previously, Sam was the Agent Architect at the Sovrin Foundation and was Lead Lead Developer at Kynetx, where he developed significant pieces of the company’s software and infrastructure, creating SquareTag, a consumer product that creates a physical handle for digital resources enabling the Internet of Things.

Sam has both bachelor’s and master’s Degrees in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.