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Indicio Makes Verifiable Credentials Free to Try, Easy to Adopt

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Indicio recently announced the launch of a new, free, trial version of Indicio Proven™, its award-winning system for using verifiable digital credentials. With this free 30-day trial, teams can access Proven’s key features to develop seamless, privacy-preserving solutions for sharing and verifying data and identity.  

Identity Insights — IIW Recap Series

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In these special edition episodes of Identity Insights we catch up with Indicio Deputy CTO Sam Curren at the end of each day of the Internet Identity Workshop for a quick recap of the day’s events. 

101 Use Cases for Verifiable Credentials

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Verifiable credentials allow you to cryptographically verify who issued information, and they allow you to know if that information has been tampered with. But what does this mean in a practical sense?

Foundational Support for Selective Disclosure JWTs is now in Aries Cloud Agent Python

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Selective Disclosure JSON Web Tokens (SD-JWTs) provide a key mechanism for selectively disclosing individual elements of a JSON object. Thanks to recent work by Indicio, this credential format has been added to Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py). Here’s what it means for you.

Identity Insights — Identity Week 2023

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In this special series of Identity Insights with Indicio VP of Business Development James Schulte, we learn about the conversations had at the Identity Week America conference and why you don’t want to miss the next one!

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