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Breakthrough in DIDComm Mediation: Indicio Achieves Significant Scale with New Solution

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Indicio announces an important breakthrough in scaling decentralized identity solutions, by demonstrating how ACA-Py (Aries Cloud Agent-Python) can handle thousands of connections to mobile devices per minute. This development will enable large-scale identity and data verification solutions.

Identity Insights — The Proven Cloud Verifier with Kim Ebert

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Learn about Indicio’s latest product from Indicio Senior DevOps Engineer Kim Ebert, the Proven Cloud Verifier, and how it can help your organization to easily participate in verifiable credential ecosystems.

Yeah, But My Organization’s Passwords Are Secure, Right?

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Logging into a computer with a password has been around almost as long as there have been computers, which means bad actors have had lots of time to figure out ways around them. It’s time for something new.

Identity Insights — What is Governance with Trevor Butterworth

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The Indicio Proven™ Cloud Verifier provides an easy way for businesses and organizations to participate in verifiable credential ecosystems and export data to your existing systems.

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