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Introducing Indicio DEGov: Managing Trust in Decentralized Ecosystems

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Learn how businesses, organizations, and governments can now ensure virtual accountability, manage complex information flows, and function more effectively even when offline with Decentralized Ecosystem Governance (DEGov) for verifiable digital credentials.

Identity Insights — Proven Finance with Mike Ebert

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Watch a demonstration of Indicio Proven Finance with Indicio Enterprise Team Lead Mike Ebert, as well as a look at some key use cases.

Key Takeaways from a Conversation with Phil Windley on “Learning Digital Identity”

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Digital identity can be difficult for organizations to get right. Phil Windley, author of the recently published “Learning Digital Identity,” recently joined the Indicio Meetup to talk about the basics of digital identity and some of the pitfalls companies and individuals can run into.

Identity Insights – The Indicio Node on Demand on Google Marketplace

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A new way to create and run a Hyperledger Indy node has come to google cloud. Take a deep dive into the technology behind the solution and how it works with Indicio VP of Business Development James Schulte and Director of Security and Network Operations Lynn Bendixsen.

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