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Indicio brings seamless data sharing and trusted identity verification to financial services 

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Indicio recently announced the launch of Indicio Proven™ Finance, an off-the-shelf solution for customer authentication, data sharing, and reusable KYC in financial services and payments. Learn what new functionality this could bring to you and your businesses financial transactions in the announcement.

Conversation with Phil Windley & his new book: Learning Digital Identity 

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Phil Windley, author of “Learning Digital Identity”, joined Sam Curren for a discussion at a recent Indicio Meetup. Phil shared his insights into why it is difficult for companies to get digital identity right, and provides simple explanations to help you make sense of the protocols, standards, and digital identity solutions available, with suggestions for where and when you can apply them.

Identity Insights – Verifiable Credentials for Finance with Kent Iverson

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Director of Indicio Solutions, Kent Iverson, joins this episode of Identity insights to discuss how verifiable credentials can impact the financial services sector. Learn more about where this technology can be implemented and the benefits for both the financial institution and the end user.

The DIDComm Economy

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APIs have played an important role in transforming business by allowing completely different applications to interact and share data, but DIDComm takes this concept and expands on it by adding more functionality and availability. Learn more in this comprehensive piece by Indicio’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Sam Curren, and, Vice President of Communications and Governance, Trevor Butterworth

What is Identity Orchestration? The IdRamp Story

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Identity orchestration is a connectivity layer that businesses can use to tie multiple identities together across multiple cloud environments and platforms, allowing one consistent identity per employee. Learn how this technology came to be and how it is currently being used and evolving, with insights from Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp.

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