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Five Verifiable Data Predictions for 2023

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What are some key benefits to building on a decentralized network— and which networks are free to start building on? These questions and more are answered in the latest episode of Identity Insights with Lynn Bendixsen and James Schulte.

Identity Insights — A Deep Dive into Indicio’s Networks with Lynn Bendixsen and James Schulte

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In this episode of Identity Insights, we sit down with Sam Curren, Indicio Deputy CTO, to discuss the finer points of how a distributed ledger works, including what goes on the ledger, what doesn’t (to preserve privacy), and what an interaction with the ledger looks like.

Unifying Trust Registries and Trust Lists to Answer the Question of “Who Can You Trust?”

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What is the difference between a Trust List and a Trust Registry? Mike Ebert, Enterprise Team Lead for Indicio, explains the differences between each approach to establishing governance in a verifiable credential ecosystem, and reports on recent efforts to combine the two initiatives. 

The First Ever Hyperledger Aries Bifold Summit

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The Hyperledger Aries Bifold Working Group recently held their first ever summit aimed at guiding development of the open-source wallet project through 2023. Learn about the issues discussed and the development goals for the coming year from Indicio Mobile Team Lead James Ebert.

Rescheduled: A Conversation with Phil Windley on His New Book: Learning Digital Identity

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Due to unforeseen circumstances the conversation between Sam Curren and Phil Windley had to be rescheduled. Please join us for a discussion on “Learning Digital Identity” February 28th, 5 lucky attendees will be leaving with a copy of the ebook!

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