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In this special edition of the Indicio Newsletter we take a look back at some highlights and worthy reads from 2022

How to Create a Trusted Digital World

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Heather C. Dahl, CEO of Indicio, reflects on the closure of the Indicio seed round and the goals our company has now that this milestone has been reached. She discusses how the real success in decentralized identity lies in our customers being successful, the importance of actionable data now, and how closing this seed round is just the beginning — expect more from Indicio soon.

Indicio completes Hyperledger Indy DID Method—A Milestone in the Evolution of Decentralized Identity Network Interoperability

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Indicio CTO Ken Ebert shares his thoughts on the new solution from Indicio that allows verifiable credentials issued on one network to be verified by another, enabling the network of networks effect. This is critical because the more interoperable and easy to use we can make the technology the more quickly it will be adopted.

Prove It All with Indicio Proven

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Indicio launches its flagship product Proven — making it easier than ever to start using and scaling verifiable digital credentials using open source technology. To put it simply — “Proven provides an authoritative way to authenticate any data without having to check in with the source of that data — or go through a third party.”

All Aboard a New Era of Travel with the Digital Travel Credential

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In collaboration with SITA Indicio has been working on a way to create a full digital equivalent to a paper passport. Recently we have achieved this goal by transferring passenger identity information into privacy-preserving, tamper-proof verifiable credentials based on the Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Indicio wins the SuperNova Award from Constellation Research for Disruptive Technology Leadership in Digital Safety, Governance, and Privacy

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The SuperNova reflected Indicio’s ground-breaking work to create seamless travel solutions using open source decentralized identity technology. By working with SITA, the world’s leading provider of IT to the air transport industry, and the government of Aruba, Indicio used this technology to tackle the challenge of reopening Aruba, a tourism dependent economy, to air travel during the pandemic.

Indicio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

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Through partnering with Indicio Google Cloud customers can now access open source decentralized identity technology, including a complete, end-to-end ecosystem for implementing and using verifiable credentials to “prove anything”, a mediator agent that enables use of verifiable credentials on mobile devices, and a quick and easy method for spinning up validator nodes.