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Decentralized Identity, Digital Transformation, and Government

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In the last Indicio Meetup of the year, CEO Heather Dahl moderated a discussion on using decentralized identity technology in the public sector with Andin C.G. Bikker, senior legal advisor for the government of Aruba, Nancy Norris, Senior Director of ESG & Digital Trust in the Ministry for Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation for the Government of British Columbia, and Elizabeth M. Tanner, Esq., Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce. They discuss what they want to achieve with decentralized identity, the challenges that governments face when solving identity problems, and what they see as the next steps to more widespread adoption. 

Why Governments Are Taking Notice of Decentralized Identity Technology

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Technology that can eliminate error, increase efficiency, reduce fraud, provide more and better security, and improve the user experience? Open-source decentralized identity is the quickest and easiest way to bring digital transformation to the public sector.

Identity Insights — Proven Works 

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In this episode we sit down with Mike Ebert, Enterprise Software Team Lead at Indicio, to discuss their latest project, Proven Works — a complete, easy-to-deploy ecosystem for creating, issuing, and verifying tamper-proof employment credentials. Learn about the problems Proven Works is designed to solve and how it can save employers time and money, and employees time and effort.

Five Things You Need to Know About JSON-LD Credentials in Hyperledger Aries Cloudagent Python

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Peter Strobel, Software Developer at Indicio, takes us on a deep dive into everything JSON-LD credentials, from what they are, to why you should use them, and some key features of the technology. He also goes into detail on the role they play in ACA-Py and their similarities to AnonCreds. 

Easy Governance for Everyone

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Indicio recently unveiled the Governance Editor — a client-side, open-source project that makes the creation of governance files simple and fast. Viacheslav “Simon” Nazarenko, one of the lead engineers on the project, takes us behind the scenes, discussing who the technology was designed for, the problems it can solve, and how you can get involved in this open source project.

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