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What is DIDComm? (With Pictures!)

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DIDComm — short for “Decentralized Identifier Communication” — provides a method for creating a direct and secure line of communication between the owners of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). Learn more about the technology and some interesting use cases that could affect everyday life in the latest article from Indicio.

How to Use ACA-Py to Issue and Verify JSON-LD Credentials

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In the latest Indicio Meetup we take a look at JSON-LD W3C Verifiable Credentials — a popular credential format in the decentralized identity community that complements the Anonymous Credentials (AnonCreds) credential format. Learn how these technologies can work together to fulfill a variety of use cases.

Identity Insights — The Governance Editor

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In this episode, we talk with Simon Nazarenko, lead engineer on the Governance Editor project at Indicio, to learn more about the origin and development of this powerful tool, what it can offer organizations, and how you can get involved in this open source project—or start using it today.

Increasing Awareness of Digital Identity Market Signals

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In this article highlighting recent news from around the decentralized identity community, we take a look at: advice for financial institutions, how more global equality can be achieved through digital identity, and how following regulations does not always mean your data is secure. Come learn about the latest developments in the digital identity community!

Identity Insights — IIW Recap Series

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Discussions at IIW often shape the trajectory of many open-source and open-standards projects in the digital identity community. In this special edition episode of “Identity Insights” from Indicio, we caught up with Indicio’s Sam Curren, Senior Community Architect, and Mike Ebert, Senior Lead Developer for a brief recap of some of the most interesting moments and insights from IIW.

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