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What is Open Source and Why Should You Care?

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Indicio takes a look at what “open source” really means and why your organization would want to use open source technologies to build solutions. We also walk through the role that open-source software providers play in the ecosystem, and why you should do your research before committing to a project.

Identity Insights — Indicio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

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In this episode we are joined by Heather Dahl and Ken Ebert, CEO and CTO of Indicio respectively, to talk about Indicio joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program and what it means for Google Cloud customers, Indicio, and the larger decentralized identity community.

How and Why to Get Involved with the Hyperledger Foundation

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The Hyperledger Foundation is a global, open-source community hosted by the Linux Foundation that focuses on developing and maintaining a diverse selection of tools, libraries and frameworks for creating enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. Char Howland, Software Developer at Indicio, discusses the importance of the open-source community in developing technology and why it’s easy to get involved and become a contributor.

How to Use ACA-Py to Issue and Verify JSON-LD Credentials

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JSON-LD W3C Verifiable Credentials is  a popular credential format in the decentralized identity community. It complements the Anonymous Credentials (AnonCreds) credential format; both formats are supported by Aries Cloud Agent-Python (ACA-Py) and they can be combined to fulfill a variety of use cases.

Indicio brings Verifiable Credentials to Google Cloud

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Ken Ebert, Chief Technology Officer at Indicio, weighs in on why Indicio’s open source solutions in Google Cloud will drive digital transformation by making it easy to  adopt, deploy, and scale verifiable credentials. He also provides some background on what solutions are currently available and what problems businesses can look to them to solve.

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