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Privacy vs Immutability: Safeguarding Digital Rights

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Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, will be speaking on a panel at the OECD Global BLockchain Policy Forum on blockchain’s ability to meet national and supranational privacy rules and how they might be addressed from both a policy perspective and industry practice. Others on the panel include Philippe Thévoz, eGovernment Systems Vice-President of SICPA, Francesco Bruschi, Director, Blockchain Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, and Shin’ichiro Matsuo, Research Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University.

Identity Insights — Government Use Cases

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Why are governments looking to adopt open source decentralized identity initiatives to replace  legacy systems? James Schulte, VP of Business Development at Indicio, joins us to discuss some of the interesting problems governments are tackling, and how they have been looking to solve them with decentralized identity solutions. 

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance: Better, More Effective, and More Robust than Trust Registries

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Sam Curren, Deputy CTO of Indicio discusses recent work by the Decentralized Identity Foundation to make Decentralized Ecosystem Governance an open standard for verifiable credential ecosystems. Decentralized Ecosystem Governance makes governance machine-readable through treating a trust registry as a file as opposed to a service. 

Identity Week Washington DC

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Identity Week is a conference and exhibition that brings together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote discussion, innovation and the development of more effective identity solutions. Indicio is featured in the Startup Village, so if you are attending, please come by and see some of the latest projects we’ve been working on. 

Hyperledger Aries is the Present and the Future of Internet-Scale Trusted Verifiable Credential Ecosystems

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Indicio’s Sam Curren, Deputy CTO, and Mike Ebert, Engineering Team Lead, discuss how Hyperledger Aries, AnonCreds, and Hyperledger Indy have given enterprises and governments a powerful way to build and use open source, interoperable decentralized identity technology with privacy-preserving features. Sam and Mike also discuss some of the myths and realities behind each of these technologies and explain why they are currently the most popular way to implement decentralized identity.

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