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DIDComm V2: Implications for the Future of the Internet

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DIDComm provides the next step in decentralized identity: direct, secure communication between the owners of DIDs. In this meetup, Daniel Hardman, CTO of Provenant, and Sam Curren, Deputy CTO of Indicio will sit down to discuss how DIDComm-based protocols return individuals and small companies to first-class citizen status on the Internet.

Identity Insights — The Supernova Awards

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In this episode we speak with Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, about what these awards are, why they are a big deal, and the project that Indicio was nominated for. Heather also goes into detail on the business need that led to the project, the organizations involved, and some of the next steps for verifiable credentials for travel.

Security Focused Market Signals

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We take a look at and keep you updated on some of the biggest security news in today’s digital identity space. Topics covered include synthetic identity fraud, the average cost of a data breach, and insights into digital healthcare security.

Identity Insights — The Basics of Verifiable Credentials

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What are verifiable credentials? In this episode we are joined by Indicio software engineer Char Howland for a brief summary of what they are and what they do. This is the perfect video for people new to the space that want to learn about the technology that enables decentralized identity.

Prove it all with Indicio Proven

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Proven is Indicio’s complete solution for authenticating and sharing information in a privacy-preserving and secure way. Proven is a ready to use system out of the box for ensuring that your data is immediately actionable.

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