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The Verifiable Credential Solution to Health Data Sharing

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Learn how the Cardea Project at Linux Foundation Public Health came to be a complete, decentralized, off-the-shelf, open source codebase for sharing health data in our recent article by Indicio VP of Governance Trevor Butterworth. He introduces the Cardea white paper, which provides a detailed account of the  history of Cardea,  a highly accessible explanation of how verifiable credential technology works, and the future direction of the project as the codebase is adapted to other health sharing needs.

Aruba’s decentralized solution for Covid drives air travel transformation

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In this video, originally recorded for Open Source Summit, we take a look at why Aruba has chosen to use verifiable digital credentials to manage entry requirements and health testing for travel to the island, how it created a Trusted Digital Ecosystem, and why the ability to verify personal data without having to check in with the source of that data will transform air travel, healthcare, and tourism.

Identity Market Signals

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Big things have been happening in the digital identity world and Indicio keeps you updated on some recent world news we think everyone should know about in this one easy article. We touch on Miami’s efforts to become the ‘capital of capital’ through providing web 3 education,  a new report by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice raising concerns about some of the current trends in digital identity, and the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) updates to the 2021 digital identities and trust framework.

Identity Insights – Introduction to NFTs and DIDs

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In this episode we take a basic look at NFTs and DIDs with clips taken from a recent Indicio Meetup. This is the perfect video for someone just starting out in decentralized identity as it does a great job of defining some key terms and some examples of what the technology could be used for.

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