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The Cardea Interop-a-thon III is Tomorrow!

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This interactive event will be showcasing discovery, discussion, and most importantly – interoperability in the decentralized identity community! Teams across the verifiable credentials community will be testing products and solutions both in the market and in development for interoperability. While registration has closed for bringing a solution to test anyone is welcome to come and spectate!

Establishing Trust with Decentralized Identity Networks, Verifiable Credentials, and Zero Trust

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Indicio CEO Heather Dahl will be speaking alongside Dr. Chase Cunningham and Mike Vesey at Identitverse! Stop by their session to learn how decentralized identity orchestration, verifiable credentials, and decentralized networks work together to provide a better, more secure, and smoother customer experience while protecting privacy

Identity Insights – Cardea

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Keela Schatzkin, Co-Chair of Cardea, joins the latest episode of Identity Insights to discuss the Cardea Project! Learn about some of the innovative things the group is doing, how you can get involved, and some goals for the future in this quick 12-minute video:

The Key to Making Your Decentralized Identity Solution Work? Look to a Strong Mediator Agent

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In this first of four-part series, software engineer Kim Ebert breaks down the important role of the mediator agent, and how you can try one for yourself by using Indicio’s hosted mediator agent! He also explains how the agent ties into creating and using decentralized identity, and how combining Hyperledger Indy with an open source mediator agent is the key to robust connection. 

Global Identity Market Signals

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In this blog series we take a look at some of the most exciting digital identity projects and some of the lessons learned from around the globe! In this issue you can read about the EU digital ID wallet, the state of digital ID in Canada, how digital identity can help with the world refugee crisis, and more.

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