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The Cardea Interop-a-thon Returns—and Here’s Why You Should Participate!

Indicio’s VP of Governance, Trevor Butterworth, discusses in a recent blog what an Interop-a-thon is—hint, interoperability!— and why they are critical in helping companies advance decentralized identity. Learn about what Cardea has achieved so far, view the slide decks of past Interop-a-thons, and see how you can participate in our next one!

DID:Indy How to Scale Decentralized Identity

Indicio recently hosted a meetup on the DID:Indy Method, a critical step forward for interoperability among Hyperledger Indy-based networks that allows users to hold and verify credentials across these networks. In this recording, the Indicio engineers who helped develop DID:Indy explain how it works, how you can implement it for yourself, and what it means for scaling decentralized identity networks.

Decentralized Identity Market Signals

This new blog series from Indicio takes a look at the stories making news in digital identity and assesses what they could mean for business. This issue covers articles such as Martin Kuppinger’s insights on the recent EIC conference, the White House’s Declaration for the Future of the Internet, and casinos in London using blockchain to revolutionize gambling.

WomenTech Global Conference

Indicio will be participating in the WomenTech Global Conference on June 8. If you are attending, we hope you will join our CEO Heather Dahl for a discussion on the impact of decentralized identity solutions in the marketplace, and Software engineer Char Howland on how verifiable credentials solve problems of trust.

Identity Insights – Starting a Career in Decentralized Identity

Indicio Software Engineer Char Howland joins us to discuss her journey into a career in decentralized identity and how the Indicio Associate Program helped to guide her through the process. As the new head of the program, she talks about the benefits, how early career applicants can get started and develop their careers at Indicio, and what the program has planned for the future.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.