DID:Indy – How to scale decentralized identity

Next week Indicio will be hosting a community meetup to dive deep into the technology of DID:Indy and how it will enable people to verify credentials across networks, which will provide a huge boost in portability and usability. Presenting the information will be two Indicio engineers who helped build the project for the British Colombia Government’s code with us challenge. Be sure to join to see the critical next step in decentralized identity and get to ask your questions from the experts!

QR code on phone scanned by second phone

SITA was awarded the Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity award at Kuppingercole’s EIC

This award recognizes the work done by SITA, Indicio, and the government of Aruba in creating a decentralized travel solution for the island called the happy traveler card. This was a massive undertaking and will be shaping the way people can travel to Aruba and hopefully more places in the future!

Join us next week at Open Source North!

Deputy CTO Sam Curren will be representing Indicio at this awesome event bringing together the enterprise application development community. If your at the conference Sam will be presenting on the latest topics in decentralized identity, including a masterclass in decentralized identity networks and a look at Aruba’s decentralized travel solution, we hope to see you there!

Indicio completes Hyperledger Indy DID Method—A Milestone in the Evolution of Decentralized Identity Network Interoperability

“The completion of the Indy DID Method by Indicio paves the way toward a network of networks.” In a recent blog post Indicio CTO Ken Ebert explains what this means, and why it is so important for the widespread adoption of decentralized identity. Not only does he dive into why interoperability has been such a big focus for Indicio, he provides links to the codebase and a demo where you can see the work in action yourself!

Identity Insights – European Identity and Cloud Conference

Indicio was lucky enough to send a few representatives to Kuppingercole’s EIC this year! In this short wrap up video our VP of business development James Schulte breaks down the latest trends in identity and interesting presentations and conversations had at the conference!

Why You Don’t Want To Miss the Next IIW

IIW is an un-conference, which means that there are no keynote speakers, presentations, or sales pitches (for the most part). Participants are encouraged to come with topics they would like to discuss with the community in attendance, with the goal of “moving topics, code and projects downfield.” Our team offers some insights into the biggest topics they discussed and some interesting trends they saw in our recent blog!

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.