NFTs and DIDs – A deep dive

Kristina Podnar, Digital Policy Advisor, NativeTrust Consulting, LLC, and Daniel Buchner, Head of Decentralized Identity at Block recently joined Indicio Architect Sam Curren to provide their expert insights into NFTs. Specifically they spoke about the underlying technology, what it is, what it does well, and when another tool would be more appropriate.

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Blog: What do NFTs do well?

NFTs are a powerful technology for digital ownership and value transfer, but verifiable credentials are better for digital identity. Char Howland, Indicio Software Engineer, breaks down NFT use cases and why they are good for some ownership or contract properties online, but certainly aren’t a catch all, especially when it comes to proving identity.

The Second Cardea Interopathon

Cardea, a Linux Foundation Public Health project, recently held its second interopathon. This interoperability hackathon style event brings together companies building Hyperledger Aries and Indy projects to drive cooperation and increased connectivity. Events like this are incredibly important for growth and adoption for all projects involved, as Trevor Buttorworth, Indicio VP of Governance explains in our recent blog.

Indicio is proud to be a sponsor of IIW

Join us at this Un-conference in California where anyone who has a topic or ideas they’d like to discuss around digital identity is welcome to bring those topics up in an effort to solve online identity issues and further their projects. Indicio has several engineers that are going to both facilitate their own projects and help others brainstorm to solve issues they are encountering.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.