Indicio Wins British Columbia </> Code With Us Challenge to Upgrade Hyperledger Indy

Indicio is proud to be furthering its commitment to the open source community by supporting BCGov’s leadership in sponsoring a critical upgrade to Hyperledger Indy. Indicio’s development and contribution of the new “did:indy” DID Method Specification will enable greater interoperability across Indy-based networks, expand the types of content that can be written to DIDDocs and to better align Hyperledger Indy with the new World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Decentralized Identifier (DID) Specification.

Hyperledger Indy Technical Deep Dive


Join us and the Hyperledger community in the second course in the Hyperledger community workshop series. This four-hour course will advance your skills related to coding with Hyperledger Indy. Familiarize yourself with commonly used cryptography libraries contained in Hyperledger Ursa and an overview of the Plenum ledger.

Join the Indicio community of Node Operators in 2022

In just a year, the Indicio Network has grown into the leading platform for enterprise-grade decentralized products and services. We’re now looking to continue to grow the community of companies working in ground-breaking decentralized technologies and those aiming for interoperability in 2022. Node Operators at Indicio join for free, get complementary training, professional onboarding support, and have access to extensive networking and marketing opportunities.

Indicio is proud to contribute to the Global Standards Mapping Initiative 2.0


The GBBC, in partnership with 131 institutions, recently announced the release of the Global Standards Mapping Initiative 2.0, the most comprehensive effort to map and analyze the blockchain and digital asset landscape. This high quality information, crowd-sourced and open access, is a valuable resource to anyone interested!

Decentralized Identity has never been easier with the Indicio Transaction Wizard


Writing to any Hyperledger Indy-based network can be time consuming and complicated as the process can involve creating decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and schema combination for Hyperledger Indy networks, which requires a high level of technical skill and coordination. The Indicio Transaction Endorser Wizard solves this problem by letting teams use a simple tool to make writing to the ledger simpler, quicker, and easier to scale.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.